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  • Share an Opportunity Philippines, May 2011.

    Share an Opportunity Philippines, May 2011.

What gives us life and what we value

We are Christ-centered

We seek our deepest delight in Jesus Christ and acknowledge that we are nothing and can do nothing apart from Him. Our desire is to abide in Him constantly and in all things pray unceasingly.

We Value God-designed relationships

We affirm God’s design for people to experience Shalom (wholeness) in the context of relationships. We believe that we can only truly experience the reality of Jesus Christ as we are in a relationship with others. We want to be known as a life-giving community where everyone is heard, valued and given equal opportunity to participate.

We Participate in transforming lives

We intently participate in God’s already-present work of transformation in the lives of people He has entrusted to us. We regard all people with value and dignity.

We are excellent in character and competent in service

We want SAO to be a name associated with integrity, service, consistency and excellence. We are committed to practicing honesty and integrity and be above-reproach in demonstrating the highest standard of professional excellence.

We are a Learning Organization 

We are creative and contextually appropriate in our response to change and challenge. We nurture an organizational culture consistent with our mandate and our core values.

Strategic Priorities

Extends its presence and influence

SAO purposively extends its presence and influence through relevant programming, strategic partnership, development of creative resource material, and participation in platforms consistent with SAO distinctive and ethos.

Ensures Organizational Sustainability

SAO aggressively engages local and foreign institutions and individuals to become partners in pursuing our vision; by creating awareness about SAO, building relationships, possessing structures and functional marketing system to establish sustainable support.

Enhances Staff Welfare and Development

SAO recognizes the potential in each individual and hones it for excellence. It also puts premium on staff welfare and development. We intentionally enhance leadership capacities to ensure continuity and sustainability of its development efforts and commitment to Kingdom building.

Establishes Social Enterprise Development

SAO mobilizes initiatives to establish viable eco-friendly social enterprises with strong community partnership that promotes better quality of life.

Equip communities for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

SAO proactively partners with communities and relevant agencies to equip communities for environment care, disaster preparedness and risk reduction management, and climate change adaptation.

Share An Opportunity Philippines, Inc.
  • Unit 308 Bencom Building 146 West Avenue Philam, Philippines.
  • (632) 920 8092
  • (632) 426 9466
About SAO PH
SHARE AN OPPORTUNITY (SAO) PHILIPPINES, INC. is a non-profit Christian relief, development, micro-enterprise and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice; and to build resilience in of all life.
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