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SAO considers the Christian faith in the most appropriate Filipino way, symbolized by the bamboo cross. SAO commits to serve the most needy and vulnerable children of Philippine society who aspire to become responsible adults and citizens of the land through education and strong support of the family, the church and society


Our new logo hypes on the theme—“Harnessing the next generation’s potentials for a stronger, progressive nation.” It positions SAO as the catalyst of a promising future as it invests on the well-being of families through its core involvement in creating and establishing livelihood programs, enterprises and capacity building. Strong families build stronger communities which inevitably lead to a progressive country. The logo depicts the family in a child-like, playful vector to infuse a warm connection to Filipinos and other audiences of all ages worldwide. Juxtaposed on a globe rendered in bluish hue to underline the message of hope, this logo with its solid graphic elements further defines that strong nations contribute to an ideal world. The stylized, symbolic rendition of the cross subtly suggests it is one’s adherence to positive values as taught and exemplified in God’s Word that will bind the families, communities, countries towards achieving its full potentials and vision. Let this much needed ignition start in the Philippines with each citizen learning to unselfishly ”Share an Opportunity”.

Share An Opportunity Philippines, Inc.
  • Unit 308 Bencom Building 146 West Avenue Philam, Philippines.
  • (632) 920 8092
  • (632) 426 9466
  • support@saophilippines.org
About SAO PH
SHARE AN OPPORTUNITY (SAO) PHILIPPINES, INC. is a non-profit Christian relief, development, micro-enterprise and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice; and to build resilience in of all life.
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