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The Vigorous Spark of a Tiny Candle!

The flickering light of a gazera, or a tiny candle is almost dead in a chilly night.  Titay’s children are sleeping tight, but not her.   Her mind continuous to linger as she steadfastly prays for a decent future for her unsuspecting and naïve children.

Titay is thinking how she can continue to radiate hope for her children despite their squalid circumstance. They are able to eat at least thrice a day; receive instruction from the nearest public school, but beyond that, Titay is troubled by how she can paint a better and bright future for her endearing children.  Unlike Titay, many of the mothers in her communities have become docile and disposed about their children’s future.  They reason that it would just be another round or repetition of the life they experienced which is characterized by poverty and deprivation.

Titay’s view is different and has started to gain traction amongst the mothers!

Titay believes that her children, with right attitude and mindset will have a fighting chance of breaking the enduring cycle of poverty and deprivation that beleaguered them for decades.

To stress her point with fellow mothers in the community,  Titay contends that more than the material support that they can provide their families, although inadequate, is a deeper sense of fortitude, hope and faith, which their children should possess to build a better, restored and fulfilled life.   Keeping the faith and hope alive for their children is obviously a gargantuan task to achieve.

With the support of organizations like Share an Opportunity Philippines (SAO Philippines), however, the task of building pockets of hope, faith and fortitude amongst our marginalized and neglected has become much easier to attain.  SAO Philippines will continue to keep the light bright for the whole Philippine society, most especially with the poorest of the poor, the marginalized and deprived children and families across the major islands in the country.  In fact, over the years, SAO Philippines have brought opportunities for our children and communities to achieve their potential.  But more than the opportunities to succeed is the value of keeping their faith and hope on the True Giver of life- Jesus Christ!

SAO Philippines will continue to be an instrument of building hope amongst our people, whether rich or poor. We believe that more than the decent life that each of our partners realized, is the prayer of being able to build HIS Kingdom in the deepest recesses of their heart, mind and soul, because hope for us at SAO Philippines is qawa (H”w’q), which means, ‘to wait, to be patient’, and “endure” in the Greek Old Testament. In Psalm 40.1; 130:5-6, it says, “ I waited patiently for the Lord, and He delivered me

Where suffering is present, the term may indicate that the individual is bearing affliction patiently while hopefully waiting for the Lord’s deliverance. Psalm 40 is a psalm of thanksgiving that recounts the suffering of an individual whose hope was realized. “I waited patiently for the Lord”; and he turned to me and heard my cry”. “ I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope” Psalms 40.1/130.5.

The vigorous spark of the tiny candle for Titay and her fellow mothers are now anchored on His promises.

May the Lord continue to bring SAO Philippines in all the corners of the Philippines, in a seemingly faltering world as we share the authentic HOPE!

Receive Jesus’ grace.



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SHARE AN OPPORTUNITY (SAO) PHILIPPINES, INC. is a non-profit Christian relief, development, micro-enterprise and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice; and to build resilience in of all life.
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