(Maunlad na Komunidad Angkop sa mga Bata)


MAKABATA (Maunlad na Komunidad Angkop sa mga Bata) or A Progressive Community Fit for Children is a holistic community development program that puts children at the center.

SAO works with parents and concerned institutions like the government and other civic groups in building a safe and enabling environment for children to succeed in life. It aims to create a safe and enabling environment to improve children’s living conditions, well-being and capacity to participate.

It intends to build the competencies and resources of families, community-based groups/institutions, and the community as a whole to be responsible and child-nurturing duty bearers. It proposes to bring together adults (duty bearers) and children/youth (right holders) as a community, and valid partners in bringing about a development that is friendly and safe for children who holds the future of their community.

Desired Impact: Improvements in the well-being, rights and life opportunities for children in poor communities

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SHARE AN OPPORTUNITY (SAO) PHILIPPINES, INC. is a non-profit Christian relief, development, micro-enterprise and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice; and to build resilience in of all life.
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