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COMMUNITIES-ADAPT (Communities Adapting to Climate Change and Disaster) is a socio ecosystem approach based program designed to strengthen communities and build resilience against climate change and disasters. Agriculture and aquaculture are the primary sources of livelihood in SAO areas. Unfortunately, these are the areas that are strongly affected by the changes in weather patterns and extreme natural hazards. Warmer climate and higher ocean temperature cause the destruction of ocean/sea biodiversity, which adversely affect the production and harvest of marine produce. Drought and flooding, on the other hand destroy agricultural crops. In other words, changes in climate patterns and natural hazards affect our partner’s physical, social and economic well-being. SAO PH through its CCA program seeks to help mitigate risks and reduce vulnerability) amongst our partners and communities.

Currently, SAO PH is implementing three CCA Projects:

1. Storm Surge Mitigation through Mangrove Reforestation in Selected Communities Affected by Typhoon
Haiyan (in partnership with Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency or ERCA).


Project Objective:
To implement aquasilviculture in the Municipality of
Concepcion as a resource rehabilitation and livelihood
generation to help residents address climate change,
disaster risk, food security and poverty.

In Partnership with:

2. Project CHARGE: “Championing Children’s Rights in Rehabilitation through Government-Civil Society-Children Engagement” also known as Project CHARGE aims for a stronger governance and coordination systems that actively engage children and civil society to increase respect, protection and fulfilment of children’s rights in emergency contexts,
rehabilitation and DRR processes.

3. Building Coastal Community Resilience in Typhoon Haiyan Affected Municipalities of Iloilo Province

With the so-called “new normal”, communities situated along the coast are prone to hazards such as strong waves, huge storm surges and tsunamis. If caught unprepared, the
effects will be devastating on the lives and livelihoods of people. It is therefore important for communities to be informed, educated and prepared.

Specifically, this project targets to help build resilient coastal communities that are prepared to handle disasters. This will be done through ensuring that coastal communities have assessed their risks and capacities and have prepared their disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation plans, which should be in accord with municipal plans. It will include among others; ensuring the establishment and maintenance of barriers along the shores of communities like mangrove forests, which serve as natural barrier during storm surges.

To ensure sustainability, SAO employs aquasilviculture technology that blends mangrove reforestation and aquaculture with Climate Change Adaptation interventions.

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